Specialist Support Coordination

Specialist Support Coordination

What is Specialist Support Coordination?

Improving the lives of participants with complex needs by navigating and coordinating multiple services and providers, and achieving their goals and aspirations.

NDIS Specialist Support Coordination helps participants with complex needs to navigate and coordinate multiple services and providers, and achieve their goals and aspirations under the NDIS.

  • Assessing and planning of NDIS participants’ needs, goals, and aspirations, with a focus on those with complex needs.
  • Coordinating and connecting multiple services and providers, including mainstream, community, and informal supports, to achieve the participant’s goals.
  • Providing ongoing support, guidance, and advocacy to help participants navigate the NDIS system and access the appropriate services and supports to meet their complex needs.

Learn why it is worth it

There are many potential benefits of Specialist Support Coordination:

  • Helps people with complex needs get the support they need
  • Gives participants more choice and control over the services and supports
  • Helps participants access a wider range of services
  • Helps participants understand their NDIS plan and funding to make the best use of them
  • Provides ongoing support to help participants navigate complex service systems and achieve their goals

What We Help With

Our Specialist Support Coordinators are experts in coordinating services for people who may display complex behaviours or find themselves in high-risk situations.

We help our clients connect with the right supports, as well as building their capacity and resilience.

This specialised support may be more intensive, and focuses on addressing barriers and reducing complexity in the support environment. This type of support is helpful with:

  • Multiple or severe disabilities
  • Mental health conditions
  • Cognitive impairments
  • Other complex needs

How to Get Started

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Some Other Services

Darebin Support Services provides services in support coordination, specialist support coordination, case management, plan management, and in-home and community-based support.

    • In-Home Support

      In-Home Support

      We can provide the flexible support you require to maintain your independence in safe and familiar surroundings.

    • Case Management

      Case Management

      Ongoing support to assess support needs, identify goals, provide information, support, advocacy and coordination to meet goals, and initiate services.

    • Specialist Support Coordination

      Specialist Support Coordination

      Improving the lives of participants with complex needs by navigating and coordinating multiple services and providers, and achieving their goals.