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Darebin Support Services is a registered provider of NDIS services

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is the Australian Government’s way of providing support and services to people who live with disability. The NDIS is designed to be able to offer tailored support to individuals, with the aim of increasing choice and control while building independence and capacity for those who live with a disability.

NDIS participants receive funding directly from the NDIS and are able to pay for the supports and services that best suit their needs with this individualised funding.

  • Darebin Support Services is a person-centred environment – which means you are at the centre of everything we do and every decision we make.
  • We are your partner for helping you live your life goals by providing the best services in one location.
  • We provide caring, supportive and effective  care for our clients, who report feeling more positive about life.


Darebin Support Services Can Help You Make the Best Use of Your NDIS Funding

As an NDIS registered organisation, our fees are in line with the NDIS price guide which is updated yearly. At Darebin Support Services, we also charge the Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP). The full NDIS price guide can be found here.

  • Common NDIS Charges

  • Community Access - Standard Weekday - Daytime

  • $65.47

    TTP $66.45

  • Community Access - Standard - Saturday

  • $92.12

    TTP $93.50

  • Community Access - Standard - Sunday

  • $118.78

    TTP $120.56

  • Community Access - Standard - Public Holiday

  • $145.44

    TTP $147.62

  • Assistance with Self Care Activities - Standard Weekday - Daytime

  • $65.47

    TTP $66.45

  • Assistance with Self Care Activities - Standard - Saturday

  • $92.12

    TTP $93.50

  • Assistance with Self Care Activities - Standard - Sunday

  • $118.78

    TTP $120.56

  • Assistance with Self Care Activities - Standard - Public Holiday

  • $145.44

    TTP $147.62

How to Get Started

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If you are looking for support for yourself, a family member or a client, email or call us to find out more information.


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Some Other Services

Darebin Support Services provides NDIS services in support coordination, specialist support coordination, in-home and community-based support.

    • Community-Based Support

      Community-Based Support

      Keep connected with family and friends, and stay involved with your community, choosing to do activities that you enjoy.

    • In-Home Support

      In-Home Support

      We can provide the flexible support you require to maintain your independence in safe and familiar surroundings.

    • Specialist Support Coordination

      Specialist Support Coordination

      Improving the lives of participants with complex needs by navigating and coordinating multiple services and providers, and achieving their goals.

    • Support Coordination

      Support Coordination

      Improve your quality of life through improved access to the supports you need with providers, community and government services.